Pyxis Marketing Enabler: get your campaigns ready in 6 weeks
Introducing Pyxis Marketing Enabler, a framework o SAP Marketing Cloud that allows a company to go from scratch to having marketing campaigns designed and ready to go in just 6 weeks.[...]
We participated in SAP ‘s vodcast “The Marketing Essentials”
We participated in SAP´s vodcast “The Marketing Essentials” to share our experience as SAP Marketing Cloud Partner and talk about MarTech, the perfect synergy between marketing and Technology.[...]
Future of Martech. What you should and should not do
How do you navigate over 700 platforms and vendors? The Martech (initiatives that use technology to achieve marketing goals) spending rose last March already by 28% and will continue to rise even mor[...]
How to Build Brand-to-Human Relationships in a Digital World
Almost overnight, digital has become central to every customer interaction. Staying competitive while building lasting bonds with customers requires new strategies and practices.[...]
Welcome to headless commerce
Since the beginning of our experience in SAP Commerce we have used, in most cases, the module called Accelerator: a store ready to transact and of course, to be modified to suit each client.[...]
NADRO: Increase conversion 40%
Nadro needed to enhance their e-commerce site speed in order to increase usage of it as an efficient sales channel. We analyzed the bottlenecks, prepared a quickwin to improve and a long term solution[...]


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